Our stylish, light-filled office in West Hollywood is 2000 square feet and includes seven patient bays with chairs, all equipped with highest industry standard of dental technology. Where security and discretion are paramount, we also have two private treatment rooms, an unmarked office exit and exterior staircase. For wheelchair accessibility, the building’s elevators and our offices are both fully ADA-compliant.


Pinar & Wagner are proud to be your advocates on every level, including helping you obtain your maximum benefits. Despite not being in-network with PPO benefit plans, P & W will still accept all PPO plans and file your paperwork for you as a courtesy. Your out-of-network benefits may still pay for a large portion of your dental care just like in-network benefits.  Our office team are friendly experts who are prepared to answer questions, verify benefits, review options and provide treatment estimates. Unlike medical care, with dental care we can provide you the exact fees for any treatment up front so there are never any surprises. You do not have to have a dental benefits plan to be our patient (about half of our patients do not maintain a dental benefits plan).

Physical Distancing

By design, our treatment areas with dental chairs are at least eight apart with barriers between them; our two rooms have doors. Furthermore, our reception area is large enough for patients to sit at a safe distance from one another. After check-in, if you are wary of waiting in a room with others, you can rest in your car or sit outside and we’ll text you when it is your time to come in.

Cleanliness Standards

Our dentists, hygienists and staff wear medical-grade masks at all times. We take the utmost precaution in keeping our surfaces, equipment and instruments safe and sterile. That said, we ask that patients use the hand sanitizer on offer upon entering our office and that you keep your mask on while waiting in the reception area.


We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), ApplePay, cash and personal checks. 

Cell Phones

During dental procedures, we ask that you refrain from using your cell phone even if it’s only texting.

Word of mouth

Friendly and Responsive

I appreciate how accommodating, friendly and responsive the office staff was to all my insurance and scheduling needs.
Matt G.
Los Angeles, CA


I called Dr. Pinar's office and the woman who took my call was a total sweetheart. She had a great attitude and told me that he could see me that day. I went to see him and it was one of the most relaxing, stress-free dental visits of my life.
Jay A.
Los Angeles, CA

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