We take the present-day COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. Here are the protocols and precautions we have in place to protect you, ourselves and other patients from COVID and other airborne, communicable diseases.

Graphic of patient experience Covid symptoms.

Pre-Appointment Protocols

For everyone’s protection, please reschedule your appointment if you or someone in your immediate household has had COVID-19 or experienced the following symptoms within the last two weeks. The same holds true if you have had close exposure to anyone else who has had a diagnosed case of COVID-19 or the below:

1. Fever
Sore Throat
Chest Tightness
Chest Pain
Loss of taste
12. Loss of smell

Graphic of patient wearing a mask.

Mask Policy

Our building requires anyone who enters to wear a mask at all times, as do we(except for when you’re getting treated, of course). Please keep your mask on as you wait in the reception area.

At Check in

We will be taking the temperature of all patients (and anyone else) who enters our office. After checking in, please use the readily available hand sanitizer. We ask that you refrain from talking on your cell phone while in reception.  We also have two regularly sanitized private restrooms in our office for use as well as for hand washing.

Scheduling Strategy

We have organized our calendar to minimize the wait in the reception area and are scheduling appointments to minimize the number of patients in our office at a given time.

Graphic of Dr. Wagner and Dr. Pinar demonstrating social distancing.

Physical Distancing

By design, our treatment areas with dental chairs are at least eight feet apart with barriers between them; our two private rooms have doors. Furthermore, our reception area is large enough for patients to sit at a safe distance from one another. After check-in, if you are wary of waiting in a room with others, you can rest in your car or sit outside and we’ll text you when it is your time to come in.

If you do not wish to take the elevator, our stairwell is open for use. Standing outside and facing the glass doors, the stair doorway is directly to your right next to the pharmacy.

Graphic of dentist with patient in dental chair.

Cleanliness Standards

Our dentists, hygienists and staff wear medical-grade masks at all times. Furthermore, all members of our clinical team providing treatment wear additional PPE protection as well as gloves when touching all materials, instruments, and surfaces. Disposable single-use barriers and suctions lines for each patient are standard.

 We take the utmost precaution in keeping our surfaces, equipment and instruments safe and sterile in all rooms including treatment, administrative, bathrooms and reception.

Word of mouth

Immaculate Reception

Starting with Gina and Lorena at the front desk, I know that every single person at P & W will do everything they can to keep me healthy. Even behind the scenes I know the diligence is there and I'm grateful.
Julie L.
Beverly Hills, CA

Utmost Security

I felt totally safe at his office. Lots of protocols were taken to ensure a safe visit in the middle of a pandemic. Lots of PPE, modifications in protocols, and health screenings.”
Toby M.
Los Angeles, CA

Licensed to practice in California